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OBT (Beta) : 21 May - 29 May
Opening date : 29 May

  • 10:00 UTC-8 Pacific Time (US)
  • 11:00 UTC-7 Mountain Time (US)
  • 15:00 UTC-3 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • 18:00 UTC (London, United Kingdom)
  • 19:00 UTC+1 (Berlin, Germany)
  • 20:00 UTC+2 (Kiev, Ukraine)
  • 20:00 UTC+3 (Moscow, Russian Federation)



         exp.jpg.bc5faf6f3d5bed3e5b3469e76e8c0245.jpg  EXP\SP x 10

         adena.jpg.2c4b7dc4995c9417b86ea3b7ef277536.jpg  Adena x 4

         XuzP3l7.jpg.8440a9d3f53e7c43a76e6b8a4c3bc983.jpg  Drop x 1

         skill4109.jpg.4e38f6f52ac53fe4d3c172bbbf9b3716.jpg  RaidBoss EXP 1 / Drop 1

         skill0254.jpg.0035fa1f3a520211a970d86704609fcb.jpg  Spoil x 2

         etc_ancient_crown_i02.jpg.a33d8a4d3ccac3f4644684ffa2a3adb1.jpg  Premium account: +50% EXP/SP. +50% Adena,Drop,Spoil

         etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i04.png.492b190e9abf20f174b07a06910f64f1.png  Scroll Chance - 60%

         811548908_etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_a_i04(1).png.cd49726f1727178522adb041bf9c4b78.png  Max enchant - Weapon +20, Armor +16



         K3WrkUQ.jpg.fe3f7d1e325ad6af8a48571b2e48b59d.jpg  Max Clients per PC: 3

         skill0349.png.3a952db69115a1d966973a26707616a9.png  Buff duration : 4 hour

         skill1170.png.273361183303b51307d919f5ef831928.png  Auto learn skills to 75 lvl

         NxOxShm.jpg.4882ee2b2f8e2ee5e99bddc0b2ba7306.jpg  Offline store (.offline)

         fb-icon-5.png.32075ee703b1423a0b1ddf6b6b75673c.png  Facebook reward

         twitch.png.c7692d9c245f20e5669cf4fb5e44cbbb.png  Stream reward


          K3WrkUQ.jpg.c136028d538da797d8eb87e6e859a7fc.jpg  Services [ALT+B]

          Icon8.png.6672a5f9f0bec9bc138c0652728007cb.png  Rankings [ALT+B]

          skill4108.png.df2bc0068aa476e222b606f50f6e4c14.png  RB Status [MAP]

          skill0349.png.94f528afb60961aadfd9ff20e6a360f7.png  Buffer [ALT+B]

          etc_coin_of_fair_i00.png.6de2c07b1b9ccf269d8533c559ec97a6.png   Store [ALT+B



                skill0001.png.6ec2dd8a5a15a0039bef56982931c5e2.png  Team vs Team - 00:00 , 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 22:00

                etc.png.998eb5dbcd1523c937eeff604fb4d7f8.png  Last Hero - 01:00 , 03:00, 05:00, 07:00, 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 23:00

                skill4108.png.df2bc0068aa476e222b606f50f6e4c14.png  Valakas ( PVE Event)

                Etc_trophy_i01_0.jpg.64ead9b5e24a20c98455f7b2b5a8997c.jpg  Events from Administration



                skill1374.png.1a5dd5cf8f1736179d9c1544917a046d.png   Competition period [1] week. Sunday the announcement of the winners.

                skill0396.png.999c43e26933b5e760afe96c4f6904c1.png  Olympiad starts Thursday - Saturday time [20:00] ends [02:00] GMT+3

                human.png.39b132c4f9e0f5908b63be824719e6aa.png  Maximum number of fights 80




                                        Rusty Coin are a new currency.

                        How can I get Rusty Coin ?

                  There is a chance to recieve Rusty Coin while hunting monsters  70+ lvl.

            NEW ZONE FOR  TvT





Balthus Knights -  is an instanced zone for characters level 70-86.

  • You can get to the zone via NPC Balthus Knight .
  • It takes 6+ characters to fight .
  • Players have 2 hours to complete the zone .
  • Timer resets each Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 6.30 a.m.

After the victory, NPC Lash will appear. You must speak with her to get the Special Supply Chest - Rah's Supplies, which contains Damaged Epic Jewelry and scrolls for her.

Damaged Epic Jewelry +10 can be exchanged for Normal Epic Jewelry, the chance of scroll is raised to 60%.


To upgrade Epic Jewelery to Lv. 4 in NPCs Beckins no longer need +10 jewelry. She is replaced by S Grade jewelry.

Accordingly, to obtain the Ring of Baium Lv. 4 you need Bayum Essence and the Sealed Ring of Tateoss.


                Auto-farm system

        One of the innovations of this client is the autofarm system wich provides you a confortable farm-system in your interface.

        Lineage 2 is all about grinding. And auto-farm allows you the possibility to farm eficient without beeing in front of your pc. And allow you mutiple farming options wich we will explain you.


A sides of the Auto-farm system you have also integrated the Auto-Supply system wich allows you to use consumables automatically. You can add now certain items to you'r "Auto Supply" system and they will consumed automatically .Wich make you free of pressing that item every 20 minutes for a confort gameplay.


                 S Grade Weapons/Armor 

      Pirate Treasure Chest (S Armor/S Jewels)

Double-click to randomly select one of the production sets provided by L2Mars. These chest has a random roll on any of the S grade armor/jewel packs. 

      Giant Treasure Chest (S Weapon)

Double-click to selecton one random weapon production sets provided by L2Mars. These chests has a random roll on any of the S grade weapon packs. 

       How can we craft it? 

Its simple, once you have opened your weapon/armor chests a random rec/key mats will be given to you. Gather the remaining materials and head straight to Giran Castle Town by the "Blacksmiths", search for an NPC by the name of Rupio. There is a 30% success rate on crafting S grades. 

      Where can we find these chests? 

Chests are added to all raidbosses above level 75. All level 75/80 regular raidbosses has a chance to drop either or. 

Level 75+ Raidbosses and Instance Zaken, Baium, Antharas
Weapon Pack S - 3% Drop Rate
Armor Pack S - 12% Drop Rate 

Epics  - Ant Queen/Core/Orfen

      Weapon Pack S grade - 9% 
      Armor pack S grade - 27% 


      Weapon Pack S grade - 18% 
      Armor pack S grade - 40% 


      Weapon Pack S grade - 40% 
      Armor pack S grade - 75%

                Castle Owner's Reward


   Each castle will be rewarded . Please see below for these rewards:

Gludio Castle / Dion Castle / Oren Castle  - 2500 Rusty Coins Per per Day
Giran Castle 120 CoL Per Day
Aden Castle 200 CoL Per Day



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