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  1. разве? кто-то его разбанил по ходу или он бан обошел? (см. чат) Shot00097.bmp
  2. Админ, этот персонаж "DanyaKashin" уже который день играет на софте или у вас тут за бота бан не дают? Admin this guy "Danyakashin" has been playing on adrenaline the whole time!!! Or you don't ban here for using soft?? пруфы/proofs: 1) 2)
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    Hey:) I remember you from GvE:) Good luck and have fun!
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    Need some info

    There is a donation service for 100 coins of luck that allows you to change your class. It's not a sub class, you just change your base class with all the appearnce. Though some of 3rd class skills disappear (as the classes have different set of skills) and you'd have to get those magic tablets to be able to learn those skills.
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    Need some info

    You will be surprised how different it is but it's so much better and balanced than interlude in my opinion. I've been playing classic for like 5 consecutive years and after that I'm never going back to IL chronicles. The main difference when playing a mage is that you can have +12 dyes without any penalty, your stats will increase. So normally mages would have +12 wit -12 men dyes in order to increase M. Critical chance (which you can look at Alt+T). And Casting speed does not affect the reuse of your attacking skills. So when playing elemental mage it makes perfect sense to combo aura flare + promience/hydro blast in close combat if you have casting speed more than 1400. I recommend you download the game now and go test different classes, open beta test is on.