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  1. GM Support

    Bonus for beginners!

    We would like to announce Bonus Start program for new players! We have started new big advertising company! ------------------------------------------------ Хотим сообщить Вам о Бонус Старт программе для новых игроков! Мы запустили крупную волну рекламы нашего проекта!
  2. GM Support


    ExWkoTero Kiddo Kidutza Little BANNED
  3. GM Support

    I can't make my Earth Hunt for Evo stone

    Read description mission, what attribute turn on for!!!
  4. Обратитесь к администрации в дискорде
  5. GM Support


    Всю инфу Ботхантеру в дискорде
  6. GM Support

    clan penalty

    Абузят клан арену тогда.
  7. GM Support

    cannot log in

    Write BotHunter in Discord
  8. GM Support

    Crash Report

    Run game with launcher
  9. GM Support


    I think it's ban for Bot. Write to Administrator in Discord
  10. GM Support

    cannot log in

    Write to Administrator in Discord
  11. GM Support

    Dont see my weapon i purchased

    Write to Admin in discord
  12. GM Support

    Google Drive Download

  13. GM Support

    Respawn time BOSS

    Respawn time BOSS: - Raid Boss 20 - 74 lvl is from 22 to 26 hours - Raid Boss 75 - 80 lvl have fix time from 22:00 to 00:00 Server Time - "Death Match" event starting in fixed time: 07:30, 20:30, 01:30 by Server Time! - Angel Priest of Baium, Queen Ant Drone Priest - 22:00 every day - Priest of Core Decar, Orfen's Priest Lord Ipos - 01:00 every day
  14. GM Support


    Dear players, more information about server and faster support you can take in Discord. Join us!